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To tell you the truth I don't really know what this site is about or is going to be about. I might just turn it into some stupid fun page that you can just go to and laugh at. I intend to include some computer pranks, links to prank sites ect. So I can satisfy your thirst for mischeif. Who knows I might even create some pranks of my own, so watch where you step cuz anything can happen on this site. Hehehe. Well i don't have anything up and running yet but just give me a couple of days and i should have a fairly interesting site in the works. Keep up the support.... If there are even any supporters out there. I hope to see you all back her soon... and remember.... (scroll down)

You're a Homo

I just had an idea today, while I'm building my site, everyone e-mail me and tell me what you want on my site. I have no ideas really yet so gimme some input guys. Thanks. My e-mail is below...

And in the time during construction, I have left you all with a small helping of fun. Click the smiley below and make sure you enjoy your self. And remember "Have a Day!"


P.S. Don't click the smiley above. If you click the smiley it is your own fault. I told you not to so you cant blame me when you click on it. Now you will never know whats on the other side of the smiley face. HAHAHAHA. Drives you crazy doesn't it? I'll leave the choice up for you to decide.

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